Specifying a project brief

Hi there,

For this task, I was required to create my own design brief for a photo media project that I’ve chosen, a fantasy novel book cover.

The objective: To create a book cover for a fantasy novel

Target Audience: 12-17 y/o, fantasy book fans

Timeline: Within 2 weeks

Development & milestones:
1. Research
2. Creative thinking techniques
3. Thumbnails
4. Photo shoots
5. Image editing
6. Refinements
7. Final design & Presentation

Description of styles: Dragons, Celtic, medieval and fantasy themes

Design examples & Resources:


Materials, equipment, technologies to be used: Olympus FE-20 digital camera, Photoshop, InDesign

The delivery & output requirements: The final book cover will be approximately 5 -1/2 ” x 8 -1/2 ” in size, high quality, finalised in InDesign in PDF format, ready for print. For this assessment, a mock up book cover will be either presented digitally or printed and photographed.


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