Image Compositing

For this activity, I had to use 5 of my own photos, and create a totally new image, with a theme or subject in mind.


Method: First, I opened the background photo. I cut out the tulips, tiger, flower and butterfly with the quick selection tool, cleaning up the edges as I go. The saturation of the background grass was increased to match the grass around the tiger’s body, and I darkened the tiger’s fur to match the sunlight. I also flipped the butterfly and changed the colour levels to brighten it up. I then added an inner and outer glow to the flower to simulate the sun and added shadows by painting the same colour as the bench’s shadow, then reducing the opacity to 95%.
My aim was to create a wacky scene that you wouldn’t normally see in the real world.



5 thoughts on “Image Compositing

  1. A wonderfully bright and colourful display of creativity.
    I love the soft pink ocean of tulips and the oversized butterfly casting its shadow certainly leaps out of the photo as the main focus ” for me”
    Great work


  2. Hello Louise. I really like your use of the five photos. The butterfly is amazing. Well done. Very clever picture.


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