Design Elements

For this activity, we were required to take our own photos that featured 5 of the 7 design elements (The rule of thirds, Lines and shapes, Light and texture, Space and depth, Colour, Contrast and Repetition and patterns), with a brief statement.

Lines and Shapes


Notice that the rail line draws the attention of the eyes away into the distance in the horizon.
With the bars running across the railway, it appears like a long ladder reaching into the sky.

Space and Depth


This photo was taken from Mount Camberwarra, looking down on the Shoalhaven region.
Because this photo was taken from a height, the depth of the below scenery is more easily perceived.
Notice how in the distance, low cloud makes the background hazy, while the sunlight highlights the foreground.

Repetition and Patterns


This is a photograph of part of an outdoor chair. The metal design has a repeated pattern on a black background that stands out.
After staring at this photo for a while, you start to notice the little specks of rust with lines also appearing horizontally in the pattern causing an optical illusion.



This white and purple flower, taken with a macro lens, stands out from the contrasted leafy green background, drawing the most attention from the viewer, with the purple centre also drawing you in even further.

Light and Texture


This is a close up shot of a old wooden worktable. The afternoon sunlight emphasises the texture and also the splits in the wood.



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